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Spotlight on Technology

February 15, 2021

The focus on technology is more important than ever! We wanted to highlight some of the features and benefits to the different platforms we often utilize. Below is a short description of the various technology platforms we use:

We have three primary tools:

eQuipt– The eQuipt Client Portal is an all-encompassing website. It is the starting point to setting up your new investment accounts and this portal will be your main doorway to register, create, eSign and fund your investment accounts online.  Once the accounts are set up and funded; eQuipt will be your first stop to establish eDelivery preferences and retrieve account communications (statements, confirms, tax documents, etc.), and to view market quote information and intra-day market activity for your accounts.

(Note:  Be sure when setting up the online access for the first time to pay special attention to your security questions and answers and to make these questions something you will be able to remember every-time you log into the site.  These questions are randomly asked when you log in for a higher level of security when accessing information on line.  These added security questions are for your protection.  If you ever get a security question that is not one that you used when initially setting up the account access, you have either entered something wrong in the user id and password field or your access has been locked due to too many invalid attempts.  If you have been locked out due to too many invalid attempts, please call our office and we can assist you in resetting the website access.) 

*Please note due to FINRA regulations and for security reasons, we are not allowed to set up online access or paperless delivery on your behalf. 

Vision 2020/Oneview - The Oneview site is a performance reporting website that provides an aggregate view of reports of all your investment account balances, the site provides various reports that show historical investment performance, returns and transactions.  We find this site the best all-around tool for most clients to use to view their assets and run various performance reports.  Oneview is the tool we use to create the reports so we can provide investment review and advice during your semi-annual Update and Outlook meetings. 

eMoney – Is a comprehensive wealth management platform that we provide as a tool to simplify your finances and act as your own personal financial website. eMoney allows you to link all your financial accounts outside of our management to give you a consolidated, up to date view of all of your assets. It also has a budgeting tool and a vault to store your important papers as well as upload and share your documents with us.  The eMoney program is our financial planning software where we can build and update your comprehensive financial plan for your financial future.

One tool is being discontinued:

NetXInvestor – NetXInvestor is eventually going to be decommissioned. The suggested platform to get familiar with and utilize going forward it eQuipt.

As always, please reach out to our team if you have any questions or need assistance with any of these platforms!