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Happy 4th of July 2023!

Happy 4th of July 2023!

July 03, 2023

 Happy 4th of July 2023!


Hello to all of our M2 Financial Group clients, friends and family!  On behalf of our entire team we wanted to wish you all an amazing holiday time celebrating the birth of our free nation.  We wanted to share a couple of quick items as we head into summer.

 Speaking of Vacation….

As many of our clients have mentioned, they have been enjoying the “statement vacation” that we suggested over the last several rough economic and market quarters.  Well… I am suggesting that you continue that vacation with this month’s statement – and not for the reasons suggested in the past!  This suggestion comes with the goal of keeping emotions level based on good (yes – good!) news on the statements.  While the recovery from previous peaks has not entirely happened, there has been improvement.  Just as our past recommendation on taking a break was intended to slow the natural human emotion to be down, bummed out, etc. during the rough times, this time we suggest the statement vacation to avoid the up, happy, excited emotions.  Why?  As we have said, we are ALL in this for the long haul and long-term investments will have dramatically wonderful and beautiful highs.  They will also have ugly, ugly lows.  Taking this break on the upside can help our minds avoid these huge waves of emotions on BOTH sides of the equation.  Smoothing out the emotional ride is a great path to better sleep! 


Broker Dealer Announcement

 On June 21, Royal Alliance announced that it has rebranded to Osaic Wealth, Inc. (Osaic Wealth). The firm’s parent company (formerly Advisor Group) has also adopted a new brand and name – Osaic, Inc. Osaic Wealth will soon provide you official notice of this change when they send your required annual privacy notice. These notices require no action from you.

 This company rebranding will not impact the way we work together, and I’ll continue to manage your accounts in the same way I do today. You may notice the appearance of a new name and logo on materials from Osaic Wealth, but otherwise, you will not experience any changes. Systems and forms are being updated to reflect this new name, but you may continue to see the Royal Alliance or Advisor Group name until that is completed.

 If you have any questions on anything in this note, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. As always, thank you for the ongoing opportunity to serve you, have a great week and God Bless the USA!!