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Dave Ramsey's SmartVestor Program

We are among a small, select group of SmartVestor Pros in the Twin Cities area and it is a designation that we are blessed to have.

Dave Ramsey’s program is designed to help anyone pursue financial freedom through small, actionable steps you can take today. SmartVestor Pros are financial professionals that have passed a vetting process, adhere to a code of conduct, and follow similar guidelines to Dave Ramsey and his team. They receive ongoing coaching and understand their clients’ needs and financial journey.

SmartVestor Pros focus on:

  • A client-first mentality
  • Transparent communication
  • Regular communication
  • A voice of reason to calm your nerves

We treat our clients like teammates, not transactions, and value the client-first mentality that the Dave Ramsey program endorses. If you are a Ramsey follower, you are likely either:

  1. graduated to or beyond Baby Step Three and are ready to start saving and putting the pedal to the metal toward your financial goals or;
  2. You have lived your financial life with Dave’s principals in mind and now need a financial advice partner to help you make decisions like 401k rollovers, how to best spend during retirement, how to balance the need to give with living your life, how do you make the transition from saving to spending or, many other similar questions.

YOU are our clients. YOU are the people we help every day! Give us a shout today!

Working with an advisor that subscribes to the SmartVestor Pro network cannot guarantee investment success or that financial goals will be achieved.  There can be no assurance that working with a SmartVestor Pro will produce or achieve better results than working with an advisor not affiliated with the SmartVestor program.  Advisors pay a fee to belong to the SmartVestor Pro program.  Dave Ramsey and the Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Pro program is not affiliated with Royal Alliance and is not sponsored or endorsed by Royal Alliance.